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The facility welcomes those interested in seeing the results of the space program and offers tours, lectures, and demonstrations to the general public.

Walk-ins are welcome at SPIF during normal hours, Monday through Friday from 10am to 3:30pm. Our staff is also involved in off-site presentations, exhibits, and events and occasionally SPIF may be closed temporarily during those times. We recommend checking the Events Calendar and using the Request a Visit form to plan your visit.

Housed on the third floor of the Space Sciences Building on Cornell University's main campus in Ithaca, NY, SPIF has a wonderfully centralized location, both on campus and in New York State.

A conference room capable of holding 25 adults comfortably is in constant use as a center for presentations by SPIF staff as well as department and visiting faculty. Hundreds of guests visit each year for discussions of the planets and solar system exploration. These visitors are from schools, camps, youth and adult organizations.

SPIF serves as a focus for planetary activities at Cornell, and also supports the research activities of scientists from other institutions.

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